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Reporting Templates & Rubrics

As part of a school’s continuous improvement plan, and in alignment with Commissioner’s Regulations §100.19, the performance management and reporting process includes, but is not limited to, school and district submissions of quarterly progress reports. Progress-based reporting, data review, and assessment assists the Department, as well as schools under Receivership, the district community and NYSED in determining the extent to which are on track to achieve their Demonstrable Improvement Indicators (DIIs).

Links to the quarterly reporting templates and rubrics for DTSDE-based indicators are provided below:

In accordance with Commissioner’s Regulations 100.19(c), Public Hearings for Receivership schools must occur within 30 calendar days of the first day of student attendance and artifacts of and from such meetings must be provided to the Department. The following documents provide guidance to Schools Under Receivership for documentation and submission of such artifacts.