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Technical Assistance and Collaborative Review

The Office of Innovation and School Reform (OISR) offers a wide array of supports, resources, and targeted technical assistance to Schools under Receivership. These critical supports are designed to foster consistency in monitoring progress toward the implementation of key strategies and Demonstrable Improvement Indicator (DII) target attainment, through a collaborative review process, to ensure sustained, high-level targeted support to drive school improvement.

This includes providing a minimum of two on-site Technical Assistance Support and Collaborative Review Sessions, two Performance Review e-conference sessions and the submission of four Quarterly Reports (per Commissioner’s Regulations §100.19.)

These collaborative, cross-functional reflective review and technical assistance sessions are conducted in partnership with school and district leaders to ensure sustained equitable access to high quality educational programs and SEL based services to all students in a safe, inclusively diverse learning environment.

The following resources provide additional information about the Technical Assistance and Collaborative Review process conducted by OISR: