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NYSSB Annual Reports

Each year since 2018-19, the New York State Education Department (NYSED or “the Department”) has released an Annual Report on the New York State Seal of Biliteracy (NYSSB or “the Seal”). The reports summarize facts and figures, such as the number of students who have earned the Seal, and the number of schools that have offered it.  The data is disaggregated in several meaningful ways, including by year, by region, by gender, and by race and ethnicity, which can provide valuable information for districts and schools to recruit and support students in their pursuit of the Seal. The reports also identify future goals for growth areas, strategies to achieve these goals, and provide information regarding how the NYSSB compares to other such programs throughout the country.   

2021-22 Annual Report, Regional Reports and Infographic Summaries

Click here to access the 2021-22 Annual Report.

Infographic Summaries (2021-22)

New York State - Historical Infographic Summary (2016 to the present)
Capital Region - Infographic Summary (2021-22)
Hudson Valley Region - Infographic Summary (2021-22)
Long Island Region - Infographic Summary (2021-22)
Mid-State Region - Infographic Summary (2021-22)
Mid-West Region - Infographic Summary (2021-22)
New York City Region - Infographic Summary (2021-22)
Western Region - Infographic Summary (2021-22)

**NYCDOE District Schools - Infographic Summary (2021-22)**

Regional Reports (2021-22)

Capital Region (2021-22)
Hudson Valley Region (2021-22)
Long Island Region (2021-22)
Mid-State Region (2021-22)
Mid-West Region (2021-22)
New York City Region (2021-22)
Western Region (2021-22)


2020-21 Annual Report, Regional Reports and Infographic Summaries

Click here to access the 2020-21 Annual Report.

Infographic Summaries (2020-21)

Regional Reports (2020-21)


Prior years' reports

Click here to download the 2019-20 report.

Click here to download the 2018-19 report.