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NYSSB End of Year Data Challenge

The NYSSB End of Year Data Challenge is a multi-round online game for Seal Coordinators to practice the knowledge and skills necessary to understand the criterion to earn the NYSSB.

In each round, players are given a scenario describing the work a Seal candidate has completed toward the NYSSB.  Players answer questions (fill-ins, multiple choice, or check all that apply) that mimic the order in which data is entered on the EOY Data form based on the scenario given.

Results are released immediately after the “quiz” is submitted.  If you answer all questions correctly, you will receive an email of congratulations that reveals the link to the next scenario.  Any questions answered incorrectly are displayed (although the correct answer is not indicated).  In this case, players can retake the same quiz as many times as they would like.

This is an ongoing challenge with multiple parts.  Each part has 10 rounds.  Upon successfully completing all rounds in part one, you will be issued a certificate documenting one hour of CTLE or attendance credit.  Players only receive the link to the next round (scenario) once they’ve gotten a perfect score on the prior round’s quiz.  You can take a quiz as many times as you want.  Currently, part 1 of the challenge is available. Additional parts are in development.

Click here to start playing!