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Administering State assessments

Dual enrollment programs 

Guidelines for Determining Equivalency of Instruction in Nonpublic Schools

Handbook on Services to Pupils Attending Nonpublic Schools (Special Education Section VII Revised September 2007)

High School Registration – For high schools to issue NYS diplomas, they must go through the high school registration process. This page provides information on that process and the application.

Homebound instruction

Who is eligible to receive homebound instruction?

Per Question #1 from the Home Instruction Questions and Answers webpage, a resident of the public school district enrolled in a public or religious/independent school is eligible for this service if qualified. Homebound instruction is a form of tutorial services, provided to public or religious or independent students, by the public school district of residence.  These services are provided in accordance with Commissioner's Regulations 175.21  to students who are unable to attend their public or religious or independent school because of physical, mental, or emotional illness or injury.   Parents requesting these services must comply with local board of education requirements to provide medical verification of the student’s inability to attend school for a time that exceeds the number of days required by the district (about 10 days). 

Tutorial services are also used by public schools to comply with compulsory education requirements (Education Law 3205) for students unable to attend school because they have been suspended.  

If the parents and public school are in disagreement concerning the validity of the medical reason provided for the student not to attend school, the parents should encourage and provide permission for their private physician to discuss his/her recommendations with the Public School Medical Director.  Parents also have the right to ask that their child be evaluated by the public school for special education, or the public or religious or independent school for Section 504 needs pursuant to the federal, Individuals with Disabilities Education Act ("IDEA").  Parents may appeal school practices to their school district’s board of education or religious or independent school’s governing body and then the Commissioner of Education that they believe the decisions to be unlawful.

Special education 

State requirements including information on instructional time/days, academic requirements, and links to appropriate Education Law/Regulations

Summer School Handbook