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Visit the State Education Data Reference File (SEDREF) to search educational institution information.

  • To determine if an account was established for you as Chief Financial Officer, the individual who has been authorized to certify claims forms in accordance with your school’s policies for this purpose.
  • If SEDREF has another individual listed as chief executive officer, that individual can add you as a delegated user, or MSA contact.
  • Or, if you are the new chief executive officer, you will have to make changes to the file. Click on SEDREF query and review who is listed under Administrative Positions.

If any change to SEDREF Administrative information is needed, click on Public Help found at the top and bottom of almost every SEDREF page. Follow the directions on the resulting page for changing information. Once you have seen the information updated in SEDREF, call the State Education Department Delegated Account System (SEDDAS) Help Desk at (518) 473-8832 to request a sign-on and password to use to access the online portal system for Mandated Services.