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OSC Vendor IDs and NYSED Substitute Form W-9

In order to claim reimbursement for Mandated Services, Religious and Independent schools are required to have a Vendor record established in the Statewide Financial System and obtain an OSC Vendor ID number.  While many schools have responded to initial requests from the Office of the State Comptroller and/or subsequent request from the State Education Department and been assigned a Vendor ID, there are many that have not complied.  This will affect your ability to claim Mandated Services and CAP.

Following is a compilation of religious and independent schools listed by BEDS code number with the corresponding OSC Vendor ID.  Please check this list to ascertain if your school has been assigned an OSC Vendor ID rather than calling the Office of the State Comptroller or the Department of Education.

List of OSC Vendor IDs (230KB)

If your school is not listed here, and you have not previously done so, you must complete both the NYSED Substitute W-9 form and the Payee Information form and return it by mail with an original signature (photocopies are not accepted) to:

Office of Religious and Independent School Support

Room 1078 EBA, 89 Washington Avenue

Albany, NY 12234

Payee Information (PI) and the NYSED Substitute Form W-9

Schools that have submitted Substitute W-9s that are not included on the list were most likely sent letters requesting additional information and are still pending.  If you are one of these schools, please respond to the Department’s request for additional information at your earliest possible convenience.

It is important for all schools to note that the information contained in the OSC Vendor Record is what will be used to process Mandated Services and CAP payments.  It will be the school’s responsibility to ensure that this information is correct and kept up to date.  Each school that received an OSC Vendor ID will or has already been given a User ID and Password to access and manage your vendor record at Questions concerning the establishment or maintenance of a vendor account should be addressed to: Phone: (855) 233-8363 or (518) 457-7717 or Email: