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District Technology Planning

The 2019 Instructional technology plan template is now available to school districts. The system will remain open until October 31, 2019.  See details below under Important Information.

Vision: District Instructional Technology Plans, required by Commissioner’s Regulation 100.12, will support the mission of the NYS Board of Regents, which is to ensure that every child has equitable access to the highest quality educational opportunities, services and supports in schools that provide effective instruction aligned to the state’s standards, as well as positive learning environments so that each child is prepared for success in college, career, and citizenship.

Goals: Through District Instructional Technology Plans*, Districts will address how they are meeting the Educational Technology expectations of the Board of Regents, as articulated in the NYS Board of Regents Statewide Learning Technology Plan.

Districts will identify how they will:

  • Develop a strategic vision and goals to support student achievement and engagement through the seamless integration of technology into teaching and learning;
  • Provide technology-enhanced, culturally- and linguistically-responsive learning environments to support improved teaching and learning;
  • Increase equitable access to high-quality digital resources and standards-based, technology-rich learning experiences;
  • Design, implement, and sustain a robust, secure network in order to ensure sufficient, reliable high-speed connectivity for learners, educators, and leaders; and
  • Provide access to relevant and rigorous professional development to ensure educators and leaders are proficient in the integration of learning technologies.

 *And complimentary data collection efforts through SIRS/BEDS


  • Districts with an approved 2018-2021 plan are not required to make updates to that plan in 2019 but may do so if they wish.  All data from districts that have an approved plan from 2018 will be pre-loaded into the 2019 template.
  • Districts that choose to submit an update will be submitting it directly to NYSED.  NYSED staff will review and approve the updated plans.  Regional Information Centers (RICS) will not be reviewing the plans but may be able to assist your district should you choose to update your plan.
  • The questions will remain the same as in 2018.  The guidance will be enhanced and published on the website when complete.
  • Per Part 100.12 of the Commissioner’s Regulations, all New York State public school districts are required to “develop and maintain a plan, in a format prescribed by the commissioner, for the use of the instructional computer technology equipment.”
  • The ITP is designed to allow districts the opportunity to compile data related to their technology planning and needs in one location. The data collected in the ITP may be used as the basis for funding opportunities and will satisfy the New York State Education Department's requirement that all school districts submit technology plans per NYCRR 100.12.
  • For information on 2018-21 cycle, please see 2018-2021 ITP Resources for Districts.