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District Technology Planning


The Framework and Guidance for the 2018-2021 Instructional Technology Plan and related memo to superintendents were published on December 5, 2017. The New York State Education Department (NYSED) collects and reviews district Instructional Technology Plans (ITPs) from school districts through an online system accessed through the NYSED Business Portal. The online system will be made available for submission of district 2018-2021 ITPs in early 2018. 

Per Part 100.12 of the Commissioner’s Regulations, all New York State public school districts are required to “develop and maintain a plan, in a format prescribed by the commissioner, for the use of the instructional computer technology equipment.”

The ITP is designed to allow districts the opportunity to compile data related to their technology planning and needs in one location. The data collected in the ITP may be used as the basis for funding opportunities and will satisfy the New York State Education Department's requirement that all school districts submit technology plans per NYCRR 100.12.

Note: There was no requirement to update the 2015-2018 plan in 2017. Districts that did not submit an update in 2017 should not be concerned that the status of their 2017 plan shows “unsubmitted” in the online system. The district’s 2016 plan, or 2017 plan if one was submitted and approved, will remain in approved status until the October 26, 2018 due date for the 2018-2021 ITP.