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Digital Equity Data

To best serve students, families, and educators, it is imperative that NYSED has an accurate picture of the state of digital equity for New York students and teachers. In Fall 2020, NYSED will require public schools to provide information on student and teacher access, in their places of residence, to devices and the internet.

NYSED conducted an initial Digital Equity Survey in Spring 2020. A report on that survey is available below.  It is important to note that the information is incomplete, as only approximately 50 percent of schools responded to the survey, as well as outdated, as districts, schools, and communities have worked diligently to increase access for both students and teachers since the survey was conducted.

Report on Results of the Spring 2020 Digital Equity Survey

Please note that these data reflect responses submitted by New York State Schools to the best of their ability and knowledge in June-July 2020.  As schools, districts, and communities work to improve digital equity in New York, this information is subject to change.