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Field Advisories/Memoranda Pertaining to ELLs

April 2017 English Language Learners/Multilingual Learners (ELLs/MLLs) Student Counts for 2017–18 ESEA Title III ELL/MLL Allocations
February 27, 2017 Available Guidance and Resources to Combat Harassment, Bullying and Discrimination in Schools in Light of Recent Immigration-related Actions
February 27, 2017 NYSED and NYS Attorney General’s Letter to District Superintendents and Guidance
February 2017 Change in Allowable Testing Accommodations on the New York State English as a Second Language Achievement Test (NYSESLAT)
November 2016 Changes in Allowable Testing Accommodations on the Grades 3-8 New York State English Language Arts Assessment
November 2016 Updated Computer-Based Question Sampler
September 2016 CR Part 154 Comprehensive Plan for the Education of English Language Learners / Multilingual Learners
September 27, 2016 Resources for English Language Learners (ELLs) who are Students with Inconsistent/Interrupted Formal Education (SIFE)
August 26, 2016

PENpal interactive Home Language Questionnaire (HLQ) toolkits

June 29, 2016

New Pathways to Certification for Out-of-State Teachers and Leaders

May 2016 Reporting English Language Learners (ELLs) Who Score Proficient in Regents English in August
May 2016 Guidance Relating to the Right of Individuals Over Compulsory School Age to Attend High School
May 2016 Supplementary Certification Pathway Fact Sheet: Pathway for ESOL Teachers to Obtain Content Area Supplementary Certification 
May 2016 Supplementary Certification Pathway Fact Sheet: Pathway for Content Area Teachers to Obtain Supplementary Certification in ESOL
May 2016 Title III Annual Measurable Achievement Objectives Improvement and Corrective Action Plan for ELLs
May 3, 2016 Guidance Regarding Bilingual Education Programs and ELL Parent Information

October 23, 2015

Procedures for Obtaining NYSITELL/NYSESLAT Score for Students Who Transfer Between Districts
April 2015 English Language Learner (ELL) Student Counts for Title III Allocations 2015
April 2015 Regulations Related to Additional Graduation Option for ELLs
December 8, 2014 Increase in ELL Population and Corresponding Instructional Needs
December 2014 Special Education Field Advisory
October 28, 2014 Statement Regarding Undocumented Children
October 2014 Graduation Requirements for ELLs
October 14,  2011 Bilingual K-6 Teachers Teaching ENL
September 11, 2014 Proposed Amendments to CR Part 154-2
May 7, 2009

Regulations Governing the Education of ELLs