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Student Health Center

The Health Center at NYSSD is staffed 24-hours a day with licensed nurses. Our Health Center staff ensures that our students remain healthy by providing health screenings, physicals, first aid, and administering medications. In addition, any student with an acute illness or emergency has the added benefit of consultant services by a pediatrician, pharmacist and dentist.

The Health Center at NYSSD builds strong relationships with the parents of our students in order to meet the health care needs of their children. The nurses also provide formal training classes in first aid and CPR for our students, which are included in the student's individual education program (IEP). Whether through classes, in-service training, conversation or scheduled visits, the Health Center works in cooperation with parents, staff, community resources and students to provide the information and services needed for each student to reach the highest level of wellness.

New York State School for the Deaf
Student Health Center
401 Turin St.
Building 16
Rome, NY 13440