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Interscholastic Sports Program

The NYSSD Interscholastic Sports Program is made up of girls’ and boys’ soccer, basketball, and track teams, a co-ed softball team, and a varsity cheerleading squad. The school is a member in good standing of the New York State Public High School Athletic Association (NYSPHAA), The Eastern States Deaf Athletic Association (ESDAA), and The North Country Athletic Conference (NCAC). NYSSD participates in several ESDAA and NCAC tournaments each year. Many of our student athletes have been selected to play on league and tournament all-star teams, named to national Deaf All-American teams, and a few outstanding athletes have participated in the Deaf Olympic Games hosted internationally every four years.

NYSSD sport teams exist to assist high school athletes in developing a high level of sportsmanship, encouraging the best ideals of personal behavior, and challenging their athletic skills. Both hearing and deaf students participate on NYSSD teams. The annual Sports Banquet is conducted each June to recognize athletic, academic, and sportsmanship accomplishments. You can follow NYSSD sports teams on the Eastern Schools for the Deaf Athletic Association (ESDAA) website.


The Girls’ and Boys’ International Friendship Soccer Tournaments were created and have been hosted by NYSSD each fall since 1991. Teams from Canada, the New England States, New York, and Pennsylvania have competed for championship trophies through mud, rain, wind, and even snow. Great friendships are developed; exciting, hard fought games are played; social opportunities are enjoyed; and wonderful sportsmanship is displayed year after year. Come “enjoy the weather” and cheer for NYSSD!

  • NYSSD Girls’ Championships 1995 and 2002
  • NYSSD Boys’ Championship 2005


Basketball season runs from November to March. It brings with it great team competition and a lot of fun for students and players alike. The season is highlighted by annual ESDAA and NCAC tournaments, played in front of big crowds, lots of noise, face painted fans, and great food at the snack bar. The pageantry of these tournaments focuses on the recognition of school banners, the presentation of the flag by ROTC cadets, the signing of the National Anthem, and a table full of trophies. Come join the the excitement and support the Trojanettes and Trojans in their effort to win another championship!

NYSSD Girls’ Championships:

  • ESDAA 1980 1984
  • NCAC 2006 2007 2008

NYSSD Boys’ Championships:

  • ESDAA 1971 1999 2000 2006

Track & Softball

The Girls’ and Boys’ Track teams and the Co-ed Softball team add a lot of excitement to the spring months. Participation in track always brings with it a neat opportunity to compete against other schools for the deaf track teams located throughout the northeastern section of the United States. It is the biggest ESDAA Tournament and is a wonderful deaf culture experience. The Co-ed Softball Team is just plain fun and combines competition with interesting social relationships for student athletes. The season always ends with the NCAC Conference playoffs. Come and enjoy some great track meets and softball games!

  • Softball Championships 1986 National Champions of Schools for the Deaf