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Residential Program

The residential program at the New York State School for the Deaf provides the best possible care for our students, coupled with wholesome education and recreational activities.

Approximately 50% of the students enrolled at NYSSD live in the dorms; staying on campus four nights per week and returning home on the weekends.

There is one dormitory building that houses all of our students, split into five different areas:

  • Elementary Boys
  • Secondary Boys
  • Elementary Girls
  • Secondary Girls

Teaching Life Skills

A student’s placement within each area is determined according to age, maturity level & individual student needs.

NYSSD Staff work with students to enable them to become independent and good citizens. We try to assist students in acquiring the necessary independent living skills to meet an ever changing society.

The secondary program offers an apartment skills training program that teaches more advanced skills needed once they graduate, leave home and start living on their own.

While striving towards independence, students remain closely supervised by the residential staff during their participation in this program, whether on-campus or during outings in the community.

The Dorm Staff

NYSSD provides and maintains an outstanding residential Child Care Aide staff who are experienced in working with deaf, hard of hearing and children with cochlear implants.

The Dorm staff are also trained to work with diverse student populations including those who have multiple disabilities.

Our Home Away From Home

Each residential area has:

  • Modern computer labs with internet and email capabilities
  • Closed-captioned large screen televisions
  • Video Relay telephones

Also available to our students are:

  • A huge variety of recreational activities
  • Athletic fields
  • Gymnasium facility
  • Exercise rooms
  • Indoor swimming pool
  • Off campus movies, sporting events, field trips, special events