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New York State Museum’s Online Education Portal

The New York State Museum (NYSM) now offers a one-stop place for a wide variety of online educational resources for students and their teachers and caregivers. The NYSM Portal to Online Education Resources and Activities includes the museum’s popular Facebook Live Field Trip videos, fun activities to connect children with the research and collections of the museum, and resources that can augment virtual learning initiatives. Links to online collections, behind the scenes “Museum Moments,” online exhibits, and teacher guides help make the museum accessible even when our doors need to be closed.

The NYSM Portal to Online Education Resources and Activities include the following:

  • Facebook Live Field Trips
  • Behind the Scenes with Museum Moments Videos
  • Online Exhibits
  • Fun At-Home Activities
  • Full Lessons
  • Teacher Guides
  • Digital Collections
  • Coloring Sheets
  • Scavenger Hunts

Along with the online resources, New York State Museum Educators are also offering new ways to support classes and educators. Teachers are encouraged to reach out directly to the museum’s staff of Museum Educators at: The Museum is also interested in how to better serve educators through a new online survey: NYSM's Virtual Teaching Survey