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Digital Content Resources - Arts: Visual and Media Arts, Dance, Theatre, and Music

These resources have not been examined for compliance with the Family Educational Rights Privacy Act (FERPA)  and Education Law 2-d, therefore schools that choose to utilize any of these resources must ensure compliance where applicable. For more information on Education Law 2-d and data privacy and security in general  please refer to NYSED’s Data Privacy and Security webpage.

The sites below are provided as options and sources for ideas and inspiration only. The list is also not exhaustive; there are many quality resources and learning activities available online.

  1. Google Arts and Culture(link is external) (Grades PK-12), Free
    • Google Arts and Culture offers free access to visual artwork, musical, dance and theatre performances. In addition, students can virtually visit museums, performance spaces and theatres or search by theme, and zoom in on arts work.
  2. Music, Performing Arts, Art and Architecture Online Collections (6-12), Free
  3. Arts for Kids Hub(link is external) (Grades PK-12), Free
    • Students of all ages can follow along with these directed drawing videos of an artists and one of his children drawing various subjects. Appropriate for younger artists and more advanced artists.
  4. Visual Coding with Scratch(link is external) (Grades 8-12)
    • Students can create animation, games, interactive stories online. Students can also upload their own artwork/music to manipulate with scratch. Teachers can also create classes online where student accounts can be linked so that teachers can provide feedback to students.
  5. Possible Platforms for online art creation (High School): 
  6. NYS Arts Go Online: Virtual Events for All Ages(link is external)
    • Although doors to our cultural institutions have closed, across all regions of the state, many are offering streaming movies and performances, hands-on activities for kids and families, and virtual galleries.
    • From family art projects to theater, independent film, opera, streaming house concerts and centuries of incredible painting and sculpture, as we practice social distancing, we can still connect through the arts
  7. State Education Agency Directors of Art Education (SEADAE)(link is external) - Arts Resources available by discipline and grade level (PK-12)
    • The State Education Agency Directors of Art Education (SEADAE) has compiled a list of resources for arts education for students and educators. Resources are listed by arts discipline and grade level and continue to be updated.
  8. New York State Museum
    • The New York State Museum offers standards-based lessons inspired by the research, collections, and exhibits of the museum, developed by cultural educators, and vetted by classroom educators. Enjoy lessons that support Science, Social Studies, and Art subjects for a variety of grade levels at the Education Page.
    • Education
      • The New York State Museum offers standards-based lessons inspired by the research, collections, and exhibits of the museum and developed by cultural educators and vetted by classroom educators. Enjoy lessons that support Science, Social Studies, and Art subjects for a variety of grade levels at the Education Page. 
    • Research and Collections
      • To learn more about the collections and research of the Scientists, Historians, and Collections Technicians of the New York State Museum, visit the Research & Collections Page of the museum. Access to additional research, publications, and online collections are available as well as contact information for the Museum’s Scientists, Historians, and Collections Technicians. 
    • Exhibitions
      • For content specific interests based on exhibits, enjoy a listing of the Art, Science, and History-based exhibits along with additional resources and educational activities on the New York State Museum’s Exhibitions Page.
  9. Studio in a School ArtsBluePrint(link is external) (Grades 2-8)
    • ​​(link is external)New York  Arts Standard aligned and field tested visual arts lessons and resources developed by Studio in a School.
  10. Theatre Educator Pro(link is external)
    • ​​(link is external)Standards-based theatre education tools and lessons for educators. Site includes resources for creating online learning, models of assessment, and lessons for student online learning. Resources are currently free of charge to support the field.
  11. Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center(link is external) (Grades 6-12)
    • Direct links to musical performances and suggested assignments after listening for students. Weekly playlists with activities. Resources available in Spanish and Chinese.
  12. Rock Hall EDU(link is external) (Grades K-12)
    • Free music education lessons, activities, and resources for educators and students from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Resources include a wide range of musical artists and methods of engaging with and responding to music. Active listening activities, writing prompts and responses, and art activities are available for download. Resources are searchable by grade level or time period. Teachers can generate a temporary link to give students access to lessons and accompanying resources without students needing to log-in.
  13. Lincoln Center at Home(link is external)
    • Daily pop-up classrooms for students and families focusing on the performing arts. Regularly updated performance videos from Lincoln Center organizations such as the New York Philharmonic, The Met Opera, and the School of American Ballet.  
  14. Art21(link is external) (Grades K-12)
    • ​​(link is external)This nonprofit organization presents and disseminates the work and voices of diverse contemporary artists from around the world. Producer of the award-winning PBS show Art in the Twenty-First Century, Art21 has extensive resources on and for teaching about contemporary art. In addition to resources for educators, Art21 has freely available videos, interviews with artists, and other materials on their website.
  15. The Rockwell Museum(link is external) (Grades K-12)
    • The Rockwell is a leader in the Corning community, bringing arts into local schools, and onto the streets – serving youth that may not have other alternatives for arts education.  Our work with schools and the non-profit community is designed to help ensure that all children have successful experiences as they grow up.  We have created some free virtual school tours(link is external) and resources for students grades K-12 that align with grade level curriculum.