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Digital Learning Resources

Technology is an integral part of New York State students’ learning experience, and should be utilized in everyday instruction, across all subjects, to facilitate and enhance teaching and learning.

The effective use of digital technology can assist educators in meeting the needs of students through differentiating and personalizing learning; providing flexibility in scheduling and pace; and providing multiple entry points for students to both engage in and demonstrate learning.  

In addition, as stated in the NYS Board of Regents Statewide Learning Technology Plan, adopted in 2010, “Technology is a path for teaching and learning, but it is also a body of practices, skill, and knowledge to be learned.”  For New York State students to lead productive and successful lives upon graduation, they must understand and know how to use digital technologies.  Digital fluency is vital for full participation in 21st Century life, work, and citizenship, and students must receive direct instruction on how to safely and effectively use digital technologies.

The implementation of remote and hybrid instructional models due to the COVID-19 pandemic has presented significant challenges, especially due to the digital divide.  New York State educators have risen to the challenge, and have leveraged technology to support instruction, learning, communication, and meaningful connections with students, families, and school communities. 

The resources on this site may be used for ideas and inspiration as districts, schools, and teachers utilize technology to provide high-quality learning experiences for their students.  New York State schools must consider the needs of all students and strive to ensure that learning opportunities are equitable and available to all students.

NYSED does not require, recommend, endorse, or advise on any specific program or product.  All instructional decisions are made at the local level.

NYSED will continue to update this site as more information is made available. Suggestions are welcome and can be emailed to