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Digital Content Resources - Mathematics

These resources have not been examined for compliance with the Family Educational Rights Privacy Act (FERPA)  and Education Law 2-d, therefore schools that choose to utilize any of these resources must ensure compliance where applicable. For more information on Education Law 2-d and data privacy and security in general  please refer to NYSED’s Data Privacy and Security webpage.

The sites below are provided as options and sources for ideas and inspiration only. The list is also not exhaustive; there are many quality resources and learning activities available online.

  1. EngageNY Curriculum Modules
    • The EngageNY curriculum modules are a free, open education resource aligned to the CCLS for grades K through Pre-Calculus.  Additional supplemental materials, including parent tip sheets may be found at Great Minds(link is external) (Eureka Math).
    • Math Studio Talks on EngageNY 
      • Math Studio Talks: Common Core Instruction Video Series provides games, activities and models to help students develop flexible thinking and deep understanding of math concepts from kindergarten to Grade 5. These videos demonstrate key concepts that build students’ conceptual understanding and highlight the coherence in the standards from one grade to the next. These videos can be used to reinforce/review skills that have been learned.
  2. eMath Instruction(link is external)
    • eMath Instruction offers an asynchronous online curriculum for the middle level grades 6-8, and the high school courses of Algebra I, Geometry and Algebra II.  Each eMath Instruction course consists of video lessons and homework sets. These resources are available for free download (except for answer keys) on each course page.  For each lesson there is a full length (15-30 minute) YouTube video. The videos and homework sets can be used to support the teaching and learning of middle and high school mathematical content.
  3. JMAP(link is external)
    • JMAP offers free instructional resources aligned to New York's Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, and PreCalculus and AP Calculus AB. New York standards related resources include worksheets, lesson plans, and previous Regents examinations (with and without answers) for all mathematics curricula. JMAP's print based resources are available in docx format for easy customization and pdf formats for easy reproduction.
  4. Achieve the Core(link is external)
    • Achieve the Core offers free, open-source resources to support the content of the CCLSM for grades/courses K-Algebra II.  Website contains a collection of standard aligned lessons, tasks (Illustrative Mathematics and Student Achieve Partners) and mini assessments.  All materials are downloadable.
    • Standard aligned tasks also can be found embedded in the available coherence map(link is external).
  5.  Delta Math(link is external)
    • ​​(link is external)Delta Math is a free on-line resource which provides practice problems aligned to the content of the CCLSM for grades 6-8, Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, and Pre-Calculus.  Solutions utilize visual tools, animation, and interactive hints. Platform allows for students to be able to graph functions, as well as apply various transformations.
  6. GeoGebra(link is external)
    • ​​(link is external)GeoGebra is a free open-source mathematics software/apps that can be used to support the teaching and learning of the CCLSM for elementary, middle and high school.   Available resources include activities, simulations, exercises, lessons and games that allow for students to be able to visualize and interact with mathematical concepts.
  7. Mathigon Polypad(link is external)
    • ​​(link is external)Mathigon Polypad is a collection of interactive digital manipulatives. These manipulatives can be used by teachers and individual students and are designed for use with tablets, desktop computers, as well as interactive smartboards. There are several manipulative options including polygons, number tiles, number bars, fraction bars, algebra tiles, pentominoes, and tangrams. A user-friendly set of instructions is also offered which provides guidance on how to use the manipulatives on the canvas.  Additional features include grid options for the canvas, share link, download images, and changing language.
  8. Illustrative Mathematics Free Resources(link is external)
    • The free resources from Illustrative Mathematics employ both the Standards for Mathematical Content and the eight Standards for Mathematical Practice. The free resources offered for mathematics educators are presented as illustrative tasks meant to supplement instruction. Tasks are arranged under two groups:  tasks arranged under the content standards(link is external) and tasks arranged under the practice standards(link is external).  Tasks related to content are primarily organized by grade level or domain. Educators would explore deeper into clusters and standards to locate the associated tasks. For each practice standard, several content illustrations were selected and linked to practice standards that they represent. Illustrative Mathematics also offers free downloadable PDFs as an alternate resource.