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NYSSB - School Notification Form

School Notification Form - Schools will inform the NYS Education Department of their intent to establish or continue a Seal of Biliteracy program each year they intend to offer the Seal by submitting the online NYSSB School Notification Form no later than December 1st.  This is true even if no element of their program has changed.   Required in this form will be committee member information as well as program details (e.g. assessment rubrics).  It is recommended to download a template of the School Notification Form in either Word or PDF (see downloadable documents at the bottom of this page) so as to see the data that needs to be collected before filling out the online form.

The following updates have been made to this form:

  • Deadline - The deadline to submit this form is December 1st of each school year.
  • Subgroups– High schools will submit enrollment data on the following subgroups of seniors that may pursue the NYSSB:
    • English Language Learners (ELLs)
    • Former/Ever ELLs
    • Never ELLs who speak a home language of English
    • Never ELLs who speak a home language other than English
  • Languages – High schools will report the names of languages spoken by the subgroups listed above as well as the language(s) taught at their school.
  • School demographics – High schools will report data on the 12th grade cohort including total enrollment, number of students classified as ELLs, and race/ethinicity demographics/
  • Seal of Biliteracy Committee – the five (5) required roles that must be filled on this committee are pre-identified.  Schools will fill these in first and add additional committee members.
  • Criteria to earn the NYSSB – High schools will anticipate the potential ways in which their students will most likely earn the required 6 points towards the NYSSB.

NYC DOE schools will be contacted by the Division of Multilingual Learners in the fall to provide this information.

All other schools outside of the NYC area (including NYC Charter Schools) will submit this form electronically by December 1 using the following link.

Download a form TEMPLATE (Word or PDF) below to see the data that must be gathered prior to filling out the online form.