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NYSSB End-of-Year Data Form

The purpose of the End-of-Year Data form is for high schools to report the list of students who earn the NYSSB each year, indicating their student ID number, their ELL status, the criteria they successfully completed towards English proficiency, the world language in which they attempted the Seal, and the criteria they successfully completed toward that world language.  The current form provides additional structure and auto-calculated fields that avoid common errors.  Seal of Biliteracy Coordinators will see fields entitled “Met English criteria”, “Met World Language criteria” and “Seal of Biliteracy criteria met” that display “YES” when the form is properly filled out.  The new form also allows for Coordinators to indicate when a student has earned the NYSSB in more than one world language.

Click the following link to download and open the End-of-Year Data form.

Module 8 of the NYSSB Guidance Toolkit, Completing the End-of-Year Data Form, will guide participants through the process of filling out the NYSSB End-of-Year Data Form, including how to submit an error-free form.