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Assessments and Data

The New York State Education Department no longer produces the LOTE Checkpoint A and B examinations.  These exams are now developed at the local level by schools, districts and consortia. Archives of past examinations (2002 - 2011) for both Checkpoints are available at the links below.   These past examinations may be used for practice with students, however, best practice dictates that publicly available exam content should not be used on final exams students take to earn Checkpoint A and B credit.

Former LOTE Checkpoint B Comprehensive Regents Examination Archive

Former LOTE Checkpoint A Second Language Proficiency (SLP)  Examination Archive

For frequently asked questions regarding assessments, please consult the LOTE FAQ.

4+1 Pathway exams in LOTE are now available in 7 languages: American Sign Language, Arabic, Chinese, French, Italian, Korean, Spanish.  These are special Checkpoint B that, when passed, fulfill the LOTE exam requirement of the Regents Diploma with Advanced Designation AND can be used as the fifth Regents Examination required for graduation.  For more information on these 4+1 LOTE examinations, please visit this site.

(Updated 12/15/2020)