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Equitable Services for Nonpublic Schools

Sections 1117(a)(4)(C) and 8501(a)(4)(C) of the Every Student Succeeds Act requires that each State educational agency shall provide notice in a timely manner to the appropriate private school officials in the State of the allocation of funds for educational services and other benefits that the local educational agencies have determined are available for eligible private school children.

The data below reflects the information that the New York State Education Department has collected from Local Educational Agencies (LEAs) via annual LEA Applications for ESSA-Funded Programs related to the amount of funds that each LEA has determined to be available for equitable services to private schools in the given school year for the following federal programs. A blank cell means the LEA reported no information regarding these funds to NYSED.

In the case of a Charter LEAs and Special Act Districts, equitable services obligations do not apply as those LEAs have no defined geographic catchment area.

Please note that the funds generated under each program may not be paid directly to private schools, per federal statute. Instead, services equivalent to the amounts listed below must be made available to private schools during the current project period.

2019-2020 Funds for Equitable Services to Private Schools Report
2018-2019 Funds for Equitable Services to Private Schools Report
2017-2018 Funds for Equitable Services to Private Schools Report

NYSED's guidance on equitable services for nonpublic schools is intended to assist LEAs and other entities receiving federal financial assistance to fulfill their consultation obligations under ESSA to provide equitable services to eligible private school students, teachers, and other educational personnel, and, under some programs, to parents.