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Carryover Limits

Carryover Limits for Selected ESSA Programs
Program Carryover Limit Waivers
Title I, Part A 15% of allocation for an LEA with an allocation of at least $50,000; 100% of allocation for an LEA with an allocation of less than $50,000. LEAs can receive 100% of their carryover once every three years by applying for a waiver. See below for more information.
Title I, Part D 100% of allocation for use at the Title I, Part D facility A waiver is not needed to carryover Title I, Part D funds, however, if carrying over these funds causes the LEA to exceed the 15% carryover rule, NYSED must be notified.
Title II, Part A 100% of allocation  
Title III, Part A 100% of allocation (provided that the LEA had an approved plan in that year).  


The amount carried over must be expended by the end of the following year.  For example, if a portion of  a 2016-17 allocation is carried over into 2017-18, an amount equal to the carryover must be expended by the end of the 2017-18 fiscal year.

All LEAs (in New York City and outside New York City) may apply for a waiver to the Title I carryover limit by making a request in writing to the Department's Title I School & Community Services office at 320 EB, 89 Washington Avenue, Albany, New York 12234.  Please include the LEA BEDs Code, Title I project code and reason for the waiver request in your letter.  ESSA requires that the LEA must be able to demonstrate that the request is reasonable and necessary.