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Bilingual Education & English as a New Language

Webinar: Introduction to the Multilingual Literacy SIFE Screener for the Identification of Students with Interrupted/Inconsistent Formal Education (SIFE)

OBEWL is pleased to make available a new resource that will assist you in using the Multilingual Literacy SIFE Screener (MLS) for the Identification of Students with Interrupted/Inconsistent Formal Education. This webinar, titled “Introduction to the Multilingual Literacy SIFE Screener" was recorded on Oct 05, 2016 at 2:15. It provides guidance on NYSED’s definition of SIFE and includes a walkthrough of the SIFE identification process, including the MLS. The webinar also provides an overview of the components of the MLS, its assessment principles, the characteristics and descriptions of the modules, and the reports function, as well as details on how to administer the MLS. It is presented by Lisa Auslander, the Project Director/PI for CUNY Bridges to Academic Success and Christen Madsen, Project Manager, Research Institute for the Study of Language in Urban Society (RISLUS) Second Language Acquisition (SLA) Lab.   

You can view the entire presentation (24 minutes) or you can view sections of the presentation which are shorter (5 and 8 minutes). In addition we have available a PowerPoint presentation to accompany the webinar:

Introduction to the MLS for the Identification of SIFE