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Bilingual Education & English as a New Language

Helpful Links for English Language Learner/Multilingual Learner Parents, Guardians, and Families

EngageNY is developed and maintained by the New York State Education Department (NYSED) to support the implementation of key aspects of the New York State Board of Regents Reform Agenda. is dedicated to providing educators across New York State with real-time, professional learning tools and resources to support educators in reaching the State’s vision for a college and career ready education for all students.

What Parents of ELLs/MLLs Should Know to Ensure Their Child Graduates From High School


This presentation will help parents learn about the educational system in New York State (NYS), particularly in high schools. Parents will learn about High School organizations, expectations for High School students, and High School graduation requirements.

Colorín Colorado

A bilingual website for families and educators of English Language Learners which is a project in partnership  with the American Federation of Teachers (AFT). It includes information about teaching English Language Learners.

Community Organizations and Advocacy Groups

PBS Parents

PBS Parents is a trusted resource that’s filled with information on child development and early learning. It also serves as a parent's window to the world of PBS KIDS, offering access to educational games and activities inspired by PBS KIDS programs.

Reading Rockets: English Language Learners

A website geared mostly toward educators, but useful for families as well! Discusses the most effective ways to teach ELL students, how to create a welcoming classroom, and ways to promote family involvement.

Teachers First: Ideas and Resources for Parents of ESL/ELL Students

These reviewed resources offer information for ELL parents and guardians. Some are resources parents can use at home with children to reinforce language skills. Others include suggested activities ELLs can begin in school and share with parents. Be sure to read the "In the Classroom" suggestions for ways these reviewed resources can build language skills both at home and at school.

US Department of Education

The website of the federal agency that oversees US education. It is responsible for:

  • Establishing policies on federal financial aid for education, and distributing as well as monitoring those funds.
  • Collecting data on America's schools and disseminating research.
  • Focusing national attention on key educational issues.
  • Prohibiting discrimination and ensuring equal access to education.

USDOE Federal Student Aid Portal

Are you a parent who’s looking ahead to your child’s college years? Or just about to face the first tuition bill? Here are some resources to help parents save for college, learn about financial aid, and understand the application process.

USDOE Helping My Child Succeed: Toolkit for Hispanic Families (English and Spanish)

This brochure provides information about how you can help build your child's reading and language skills during the early years of life. Reading well is at the heart of all learning. Without the ability to read, children can't succeed in school.

Toolkit in Spanish   Toolkit in English


Updated 11/20/18