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Using SiteImprove

  1. Log into SiteImprove. The URL is
  2. Scroll then highlight where your website is located. For example, P-12 Education
  1. Under Select a service, select Accessibility
  1. In the left-hand frame, click to select PDFs
  1. You will now see all the PDF files contained in the P-12 websites
  2. To see the PDF files, for your area:
  • In the URL text box, type in a slash and then the name of your subweb. For example, /specialed. Press Enter.
  • You will now see a list of all PDF files, with accessibility issues, in the Special Ed website. Next to URL, you can click the down arrow to show the PDF files in a reasonable descending order.
  1. We need to ensure that the PDF files meet the bronze level. Each file needs to be tagged, have a Title and have a language definition. This file is missing all 3 of those items. You can click to view the file issues by clicking the plus sign next to the Issues number.
  1. If a file is listed with Unknown as the Title, then that means that the file is missing the Title. This file is tagged. However, it is missing a Title.
  1. Once you have fixed a PDF file, and the revised file is on the server, then you can clear your browser cache. Then you can Re-check the file by clicking the Re-check icon.
File Downloads: