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Resources for Educators and Families

Resources for Educators

Early childhood education is an effective means to provide all children an equitable opportunity to succeed in their educational careers and in life. Young children who are engaged in school are more likely to succeed academically and less likely to drop out as they grow older. Educators need many and varied opportunities to nurture and refine their craft in order to respond effectively to the diverse needs of the children with whom they will interact during their teaching careers. Resources provided here include play-based instructional strategies, planning tools for prekindergarten to third grade alignment, guides for the New York State Learning Standards and recommended online resources.

Resources for Families

Research has shown that supporting the healthy development of a child right from the start promotes significant educational, social, and financial benefits for children, as well as for their communities.

The Office of Early Learning provides resources that will enable all parents to identify the best early programs for their children and for districts to target professional development, including frequently asked questions, Family Tip Sheets, and suggested online resources.