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Play-Based Learning

Educators are encouraged to use these resources to plan and promote play-based learning in their classrooms.

Play - Understanding the Value of Play from Birth Through Third Grade

As states across the country develop research-based guidelines and standards for development and learning, educators and parents feel increasing responsibility to ensure children are
prepared to meet high academic expectations. As a result, time for play and playful learning is often cut from the daily classroom schedule in favor of more educator-directed and narrowly scripted instructional approaches.

The purpose of this brief is to help educators, administrators, and practitioners:

  1. understand the value of play in children’s healthy development and learning; and
  2. develop the use of play as one of many appropriate teaching tools to help children work toward learning goals and meet developmental expectations.

This is one of several Developmentally Appropriate Practice Briefs that have been published by the NYS Early Childhood Advisory Council (NYSECAC).

Getting Ready for School: Play

This Family Tip Sheet provides families with strategies for using play in the home.  Districts can download this resource, customize it with the district name and date, and distribute it to families.

Tip Sheets for Practice and Play: Setting Up Learning Centers

This Tip Sheet provides educators with guidance for designing and supplying centers for block and building, creative arts, dramatic play, literacy, math and manipulatives, science and discovery, sensory and writing.