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Model Forms and Policies

To assist educational agencies, NYSED has created model forms and policies that can be used by educational agencies as templates, guidance or both.  These model forms and policies, along with a description, can be found below.

Model Data Privacy Agreement and Instructions

On August 27, 2020, the Chief Privacy Officer sent a Model Data Privacy Agreement (DPA) and Instructions to the registered Data Privacy Officers.  This Model DPA can be used as an addendum to third party contractor agreements or as a guide to negotiate or develop a DPA.  Below are links to the Model DPA and Instructions, which will open in a new browser window. At the bottom of the page are links that you can use to download the documents.   Please note that using the Model DPA is optional, and does not represent legal advice, and so, if you have specific questions about specific transactions and need legal counsel, please reach out to your school attorney.

View the Model DPA

View the Model DPA Instructions