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Data Protection Officer Resources

Data Protection Officers play an integral role in the implementation and enforcement of Education Law § 2-d and Part 121 of the Regulations of the Commissioner of Education. 

This page is home to news and resources to assist Data Protection Officers.

Procedure for Registering or Changing a Registered DPO

NYSED has been collecting the names and contact information of DPOs using SEDREF. To register or replace a DPO, the school district, or in the case of a charter school or 853 school, the school must send a letter on district or school letterhead to The letter should include the DPO’s name, email address and phone number. If the DPO is being replaced, letter should also include the former DPO's name. This procedure is very similar to the process outlined at :

If you want to check on a registration, visit NYSED Public Reports Portal, the registered DPO list is the fourth item on the reports list.