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Implementation and Supplemental Support

At the center of the Department’s approach to school support and improvement is an understanding that support and improvement are most likely to occur through partnership and collaboration.  While the support for schools looks different based on their support model, embedded within each of these models is the opportunity for schools to have ownership and agency around what their plan for support and improvement looks like. 

At the onset of identification, support for schools in the Targeted Support and Improvement (TSI), Additional Targeted Support and Improvement (ATSI) ,and Comprehensive Support and Improvement (CSI) support models focuses on supporting the Needs Assessment process and the development of the initial School Comprehensive Education Plan (SCEP)

After the first year, the support provided to schools focuses on the implementation of the SCEP and strengthening internal continuous improvement systems and structures. The Department organizes the support offered to schools in the CSI model, while the District manages the support offered to schools in the TSI model.  Schools in the ATSI model are supported by their District and have opportunities to participate in the NYSED-organized Supplemental Supports.  In addition, NYSED provides School Improvement Grant (SIG) funding to districts to support improvement activities outlined in District-level and School-level improvement plans.

SCEP Implementation Support

Throughout the school year, the team that wrote the SCEP should reconvene at certain points to reflect on the efficacy of the plan.

The Department has identified five touchpoints to support school teams as they analyze the implementation of their plan, listen to others about the implementation of their plan, and envision what is needed next so that the SCEP is continually updated throughout the year.  These five meetings are outlined in more detail on the following resource:

Supplemental Support

During the 2024-25 school year, the Field Support team will provide schools in the CSI and ATSI support models supplemental support programs to pursue to complement their existing continuous improvement systems and structures.  Participation in these programs is voluntary.  Schools may select from the Supplemental Support options available.  

More information about the Supplemental Supports being offered can be found within the 2024-25 Supports Catalog and in the collapsible boxes below.

Coaching for Excellence

NYSED will provide year-long training and support to instructional coaches in the ATSI and CSI support models.  The Coaching For Excellence (CFE) program is a one-year program, with two distinct paths:

  • CFE: Foundational available to those who have not previously participated in CFE, and
  • CFE: Elevate available to previous CFE participants. 

Schools that enroll that are in the beginning stages of establishing a coaching program, may qualify for additional funding to subsidize the cost of an instructional coach.  More information about how to qualify for additional funding can be found in the SIG Coaching For Excellence grant announcement.

High School Redesign

NYSED is partnering with the Everyone Graduates Center to provide support to schools receiving ATSI and CSI Support who commit to locally driven redesign in the process of rethinking 9-12 education. High school redesign is a two-year program in which your team is supported by the Everyone Graduates Center Johns Hopkins University staff and NYSED staff to rethink what your school can be, plan how you want to accomplish this and implement your plans. Participating schools will devote 2024-25 to serve as their  planning year and then implement their High School Redesign Plan in 2025-26.

Enhancing Principal Leadership

Enhancing Principal Leadership (EPL) is a two-year program on principal leadership development following a cohort model.  The program offers personalized support to principals to develop leadership skills that lead to success, well-being, and high academic outcomes for all students.  EPL is open to any principal of a school in the CSI or ATSI support model.  

Assistant Principal Mentoring

The Assistant Principal Mentoring Program provides mentoring and learning opportunities to strengthen Assistant Principals on their pathway to the principalship, through virtual cohort session and individualized mentoring sessions. This program is open to assistant principals of schools in the CSI or ATSI support model.