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School Support

At the center of the Department’s approach to school support and improvement is an understanding that support and improvement are most likely to occur through partnership and collaboration. While the support for schools looks different based on their identification, embedded within each of these models is the opportunity for schools to have ownership and agency around what their plan for support and improvement looks like.

At the onset of identification, support for schools identified for Targeted Support and Improvement and Comprehensive Support and Improvement focuses on supporting the Needs Assessment process and the development of the initial School Comprehensive Education Plan (SCEP).  After the first year, the support provided to schools focuses on the implementation of the SCEP and other key improvement levers identified by the school. The Department organizes the support offered to schools identified for CSI, while the District manages the support offered to  schools identified for TSI.  In addition, NYSED provides School Improvement Grant (SIG) funding to districts to support improvement activities outlined in District-level and School-level improvement plans.

TSI School Support

Districts support the implementation of the SCEP in their  schools identified for Targeted Support and Improvement through regular SCEP support meetings with the schools. For more information, click on the resources below: (forthcoming)

CSI School Support

As part of the Department’s system of differentiated supports, following their initial needs assessment, schools identified for CSI that are not part of the Receivership program can identify their preferred model(s) of support based on the offerings available from the Department.  For the 2022-23 school year, schools identified for CSI are supported through a variety of coaching programs and through the Professional Learning Opportunities hosted by the Field Support team.