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2022-23 Educator Evaluation Ratings

Below are 2022-23 Education Law §3012-d Educator Evaluation data for teachers and principals.* Data has only been included for those 724 districts and BOCES with an approved Educator Evaluation plan for the 2022-23 school year under Education Law §3012-d, including either original or transition (where applicable) scores and ratings. Each classroom teacher and building principal received an overall rating based on the ratings earned by the teacher or principal in the Student Performance and Teacher Observation/Principal School Visit Categories and determined using a State-prescribed matrix.

For evaluation plans approved prior to 2020, during the transition period (beginning in 2015-16), transition scores and HEDI ratings were generated for teachers and principals whose HEDI scores were based, in whole or in part, on State assessments in grades 3-8 ELA or math (including where State-provided growth scores are used) or on State-provided growth scores on Regents examinations. During the 2022-23 school year, overall transition scores/ratings were determined based upon alternate SLOs specified by the LEA and/or optional student performance measures included in the evaluation plan that were not based on the grade 3-8 ELA or math State assessments or a State provided growth score in combination with measures specified in the Teacher Observation/Principal School Visit category. For each teacher and principal only one set of evaluation results were submitted – transition, if applicable, otherwise original scores and ratings.

For evaluation plans approved beginning in 2020 all scores and ratings – subcomponent and overall – were based on the processes included in the approved evaluation plan, in conjunction with an approved supplemental form and/or variance, as applicable.

The figure below shows the percentage of educators in each rating category for the two categories and the Overall rating: Overall rating (first row), Student Performance category rating (second row), and Teacher Observation/Principal School Visit category rating (third row).


Each classroom teacher and building principal received an overall rating determined using a State-prescribed matrix based on the ratings received by the teacher or principal in the Student Performance and Observation/School Visit categories.


Education Law §3012-d required that one component of a teacher's or principal's evaluation be based on one required measure of student growth (Student Learning Objectives [SLOs]) and one optional measure of student growth or achievement, as determined locally. All measures in the Student Performance category measured student growth.


Education Law §3012-d required that teachers' and principals' evaluations be based on at least two observations (for teachers) or school visits (for principals) scored using a State-approved rubric. The Teacher Observation/Principal School Visit category included two required subcomponents and an optional subcomponent. 

Pursuant to Education Law §3012-c(10), viewers of this site will not be able to find personally identifiable information for any teacher or principal, including an individual educator's evaluation ratings by name anywhere on this website. However, parents or legal guardians may contact their child's district or BOCES to obtain information about their child's teacher(s) or principal(s) composite effectiveness score and/or their final overall rating.

* Due to rounding rules, percentage totals may not equal 100%.