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Independent Evaluator Hardship Waivers (Education Law §3012-d)

The applications for the Undue Burden and Rural/Single Building District Independent Evaluator Hardship waivers are available on NYSED’s Application Business Portal. Please note: This application must be completed online through the NYSED’s Application Business Portal and submitted by February 1st of the school year for which each waiver is sought.

Student Assignment Hardship Waiver (Education Law §3012-d)

An application to apply for the annual Student Assignment Hardship Waiver is available on NYSED’s Application Business Portal.  Please note: this waiver application must be completed and submitted online, beginning August 1, through NYSED’s Application Business Portal no later than October 15 of the school year for which the waiver is sought.

Questions regarding hardship waivers can be sent to: