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Tick and Tick-Borne Disease

Tick and Tick-Borne Disease: Education in Schools

Schools are encouraged to consider the inclusion of tick and tick-borne disease education within a sequential and comprehensive Pre-K through 12 health education program.

May 2018 memo announcing release of Tick and Tick-borne Disease Resource Toolkit 

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), many people do not know they are at risk each year for tick-borne illness. Each year more than 30,000 cases of Lyme disease are reported nationwide. Therefore, it is critical that students, families, communities and schools are aware of prevention strategies along with additional precautions to protect against being bitten by ticks and possibly developing a tick-borne disease. In a coordinated effort to bring more awareness, education, and knowledge to the forefront, the New York State Education Department and the New York State Center for School Health, in collaboration with the New York State Department of Health, New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, New York State Library and other organizations, have developed a Tick and Tick-borne Disease Resource Toolkit and are encouraging the inclusion of tick and tick-borne disease education be considered in a sequential and comprehensive Pre-K through 12 health education program.

Toolkit includes:

  • Tick and Tickborne Disease: Prevention School Webinar; presentation can be used to educate Boards of Education, school staff, community members and secondary level students;
  • Lyme Disease and Ticks Customizable Webinar; brief customizable presentation for educators (Grades Pre-K - 6);
  • Education Strategies; sample lesson plans and resources linked to the New York Learning Standards for Health Education (Grades Pre-K – 12);
  • Infographic; prevent, identify and respond to ticks and tick disease (Grades 4-12);
  • Resources-clickable links to resources for schools, caregivers and community members;
  • Parent/guardian outdoor field trip notification; customizable sample informing parents/guardians about tick prevention and repellant application; and
  • Acknowledgement chart of reviewers.

For additional information please visit the NYS Education Department’s Office of Student Support Services and the New York State Center for School Health.