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Next Generation Learning Standards

Next Generation Learning Standards Roadmap and Implementation Timeline

The overall timeline for the implementation of the Next Generation ELA and Mathematics Standards is as follows:

  • September 2017: Adoption of NYS Next Generation Learning Standards
  • Winter 2018 – Winter/Spring 2019: Raise Awareness
  • Spring 2019 – Summer 2022: Build Capacity
  • September 2022 – ongoing: Full Implementation
  • Spring 2023 – ongoing: New assessments aligned to the NYS Next Generation Learning Standards
    • Spring 2023 – Grade 3-8 Mathematics and English Language Arts Assessments
    • June 2024: New Algebra I Regents Exam
    • June 2025: New Geometry Regents Exam
    • June 2026: New Algebra II and English Language Arts Regents Exams

Instruction and Assessment Implementation Timelines

These timelines offer detailed guidance regarding the full implementation of the NYS Next Generation Learning Standards and assessment alignment for all grade levels, including high school.

Roadmap Documents

The Roadmap goals and activities listed below are suggested and not required by the New York State Education Department.

Any questions about the roadmap or implementation timelines should be directed to the Office of Standards and Instruction at or 518-474-5922.