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New York Physical Education Learning Standards (2020): Parent Resources

As physical educators in New York get closer to full implementation of the New York State Physical Education Learning Standards (2020), many parents may begin to question: ​

  • What is physical education? Why is it important for my child?
  • Why were the standards revised and when will they be implemented?
  • How do the standards affect my child’s education?
  • What are the NYS Physical Education Learning Standards?

A Parent's Guide to the NYS Physical Education Learning Standards addresses these questions and connects parents with additional physical education resources.

Parent Resource Flyer

Suggestions for Use

As a free and shareable resource, districts are encouraged to share the flyer in multiple settings or on a variety of platforms. Copies may be distributed through email, linked on a webpage, or printed and shared as part of a welcome packet or at a school function or event. 

As the resource facilitates dialogue between parents and educators, the flyer is recommended for any situation in which parents and educators interact, such as parent teacher conferences or open houses.

Questions related to Physical Education in NYS can be directed to the NYS Education Department's Office of Curriculum and Instruction via email to or via telephone to (518)474-5922.