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English Language Arts & Literacy Curriculum Resources

By design, the standards do not specify any one method of instruction or approach.  Specific programmatic design, choices in literature, and instructional strategies and approaches all remain as decisions for individual districts. In order to provide curriculum development guidance, the Introduction to the NYS Next Generation English Language Arts Standards provides strategies for using the new standards in the classroom, supports for applying the standards to students with disabilities and multilingual/English language learners, as well as guidance on utilization of the new Lifelong Practices for Readers and Writers. In addition to the support within the introduction, NYSED offers the following materials to guide local curriculum development.

NEW! Write on, NY!  Write on, NY! is a statewide writing initiative that promotes student writing and the Lifelong Practices of Writers. This initiative is a collaborative endeavor with New York State’s teachers, districts, educational organizations, the NYSED English Language Arts Advisory Panel, and statewide ELA and literacy professional organizations. Listed below are the Lifelong Practices for Writers, which guide the Next Generation Learning Standards for English Language Arts. 

NEW!  The Guide for Aligning Local Curricula to the Next Generation English Language Arts Learning Standards was designed to support New York State school districts and educators as they implement the Next Generation English Language Arts Learning Standards (adopted 2017) beginning in Fall 2020. In New York State, curriculum decisions are local school district decisions and this alignment guide is optional for school districts. The guidance is provided to support districts' creation or revision of units of instruction aligned with the student learning expectations in the Next Generation English Language Arts (ELA) Learning Standards. This guide was crafted for grades 3-12; however, the guidance included applies to prekindergarten-grade 2, with some necessary modifications to suit the developmental level and curriculum needs of New York State's youngest learners.

Other valuable resources include:

Early Learning Resources: Multilingual Learner Resources: Resources to Support Students with Disabilities: