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2019 Round 2 Letters of Intent

2019 Round 2
Letters of Intent
To Establish New Charter Schools

In response to the 2019 Request for Proposals issued in April, the Charter School Office received 23 "letters of intent" to apply to establish new charter schools authorized by the Board of Regents. Eight have been invited to submit a full application, which is due in May.

  1. Boys To Men Community Charter School
  2. Buffalo Academy of Science Charter School II 
  3. Citizenship and Science Academy of Buffalo Charter School 
  4. Citizenship and Science Academy of Rochester Charter School
  5. Collegiate Charter School of Rochester
  6. Emerald Charter School 
  7. Nickel City Preparatory Charter School
  8. Primary Hall Preparatory Charter School 

Six letters of intent that were not accepted did not sufficiently address the requirements set forth in the RFP; the letters were found to be missing required information, lacking sufficient evidence of outreach, and/or proposing to serve students outside grades kindergarten through 12.

  1. Charter School of the Arts
  2. Cloud Academy Charter School
  3. Ellington Preparatory Academy of Arts and Sciences Charter School
  4. Innovations Community Charter School
  5. Next Level Charter School of Rochester
  6. STREAM Academy Charter School

Nine letters of intent were not accepted due to no charters available for issuance to establish charter schools in New York City, pursuant to Education Law Article 56.

  1. Agents of Change Charter School
  2. Boricua College Charter High School for Young Men
  3. High Learning Charter School
  4. Hispano American Charter School
  5. Las Americas Discovery Charter School
  6. ROPE Charter School of STEM for Girls
  7. STATE Preparatory Charter School
  8. Staten Island STEAM Charter School for Research and Technology
  9. STEMDUP Academy Charter School