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Charter School Regulations

Charter School Regulations

§ 8 NYCRR 3.16 Delegation of authority with respect to charter schools.

§ 8 NYCRR 3.17 Procedures for the conduct of charter school revocation proceedings.

§ 8 NYCRR 119.1 Financing of charter schools.

§ 8 NYCRR 119.2 Participation in public employee retirement systems.

§ 8 NYCRR 119.3 Charter school reporting requirements.

§ 8 NYCRR 119.4 Hearings prior to the issuance, revision, or renewal of a charter school pursuant to Education Law section 2857(1).

§ 8 NYCRR 119.5 Random Selection Process for Charter School Student Applicants

§ 8 NYCRR 119.6 Policies against harassment, bullying, and discrimination.

§ 8 NYCRR 119.7 Renewal of Charters

§ 8 NYCRR 155.22 Qualified zone academy bonds and qualified school construction bonds.

§ 8 NYCRR 155.26 Qualified public educational facility bonds.

§ 21 NYCRR 5026.1 Admission of charter schools as participating employers.

§ 21 NYCRR 5026.2 Effect of admission as a participating employer.

§ 21 NYCRR 5026.3 Expulsion from participation.

§ 21 NYCRR 5026.4 Effect of expiration, termination or revocation of charter.

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Disclaimer: These Rules of the Regents and Regulations of the Commissioner of Education ("regulations") are unofficial, and are presented for general informational purposes as a public service. Although reasonable efforts have been made to ensure that these regulations are current, complete and accurate, the State Education Department does not warrant or represent that they are current, complete and accurate. These regulations are subject to change on a regular basis. Readers are advised to consult Title 8 of the Official Compilation of Codes, Rules and Regulations of the State of New York (8 NYCRR), published by the Department of State, and the State Register for the official exposition of the text of these regulations, as well as for amendments and any subsequent changes or revisions thereto.

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