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Professional Learning

New York State Education Department (NYSED) will host a broad spectrum of course offerings, synchronous and asynchronous during the school year.   The Office of Accountability’s Field Support’s Professional Learning offerings are focused on providing content that supports schools identified for Comprehensive Support and Improvement and Targeted Support and Improvement.

Title Description Audience Date & Time Registration
AccessAbility for All: Equity and Access with Technology

Participants will discover the many ways that technology can bridge the gap for all students to create a more inclusive and equitable classroom.  This will be one E-Learning module. 

Guidance Counselors and Teachers Asynchronous
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The Automated Classroom

Same time and energy with an automated classroom. Let technology do the tedious work for you! This will be one E-Learning module. 

Teachers and instructional coaches Asynchronous
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Become a 21st Century Teacher 

Highly engaging lessons, experiential learning, applied technology skill development, higher order thinking, student voice and choice, and teacher satisfaction.  Teachers Asynchronous  Acess Now Button

Where Are We Going? A Dive into Current and Future Education Trends

Explore where education is going with this deep dive into current and future education trends. District leaders, administrators, technology coaches, teachers Asynchronous:  Acess Now Button



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