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Program Description

The Performance-Based Learning and Assessment Networks (PLAN) Pilot aims to help New York explore the conditions and supports schools need to transition to a research-based comprehensive assessment strategy designed to communicate feedback to students, parents, faculty, and the community, and to improve the quality of education.

In the PLAN Pilot, NYSED will seek to deepen the connection between assessment and quality teaching, learning, curriculum, and instruction. This initiative will look to match promising models for high-quality teaching, learning, and assessment strategies with participating pilot schools interested in multiple ways for students to demonstrate their mastery of learning standards.

Flier to the Field, 2022

March 2022 Board of Regents presentation


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the purpose of the PLAN Pilot?

This program seeks to explore the potential for our State’s educational assessment system to be reimagined in a way that purposefully fosters high-quality instructional opportunities, provides authentic measures of deeper learning, and better prepares students for college and the workplace. 

Complementing the Graduation Measures initiative, and through a partnership with researchers at the City University of New York, the PLAN Pilot will look at how performance-based assessment approaches can be implemented in a diverse range of schools, and how to support schools in making that transition.   

What is the timeline for the PLAN Pilot?

The PLAN Pilot will be implemented using a phased, multi-year approach beginning with a 2021-22 planning year.  Pilot Schools will gradually begin shifting to performance-based learning and assessment starting in the 2023-24 academic year.  The pilot study will culminate with a report and policy recommendations in the Spring of 2027.  See timeline graphic at this link:

PLAN Pilot Phases of Work

If selected to participate, what would my school or district be asked to do?

While the specifics of the pilot design will be determined with expert guidance during the 2021-22 planning year, participation will entail forming a local stakeholder committee, modifying the instructional program, participating in the professional learning network, granting researchers access, and collecting and sharing quantitative and qualitative data.

The Department plans to support participating schools in creating local stakeholder committees of educators, policymakers, and community-based organizations of parents and advocates in communities where pilot schools are located, who can help shape performance-based assessments and processes that are transparent and reflect and extend local community assets, cultures, and commitments.

My school or district is interested in participating in this pilot. What steps should we take?
  1. Sign up for the PLAN Pilot listserv to stay up to date on pilot activities and next steps.
  2. School and district leaders should begin thinking about their readiness to participate:
    • Will there be local community support for participation, including interest in one or more of the model networks and willingness to commit for the 6-year duration of the pilot?
    • Will the majority of faculty be willing and able to participate in pilot activities?
    • Does the work of the PLAN Pilot align with the school district's mission, vision, and values?
  3. Begin conversations with school administrators, faculty, and parents around the ideas of the pilot.
  4. Consider incorporating plenty of funding for professional development into the district's budget for the coming year.