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Advisory Workgroups

PLAN Pilot Advisory Input Process

NYSED is convening an assembly of experts reflective of the diversity of New York State’s school community, to advise program staff on the design and implementation of the pilot.  

Charge and Role

Members of PLAN Pilot Advisory Workgroups are being selected from a diverse pool of Advisors with expertise and experience relevant to the key elements of the pilot program.   

The Advisory Workgroups are charged with collaborating to make recommendations on various aspects of pilot design and implementation, including but not limited to school selection and onboarding processes, pilot network design, developing pilot regulations, and creating professional learning experiences.  Read the full charge here.  Workgroups are being convened as needed to delve into particular issues related to the pilot’s design and implementation.   

Throughout the process, information will be exchanged with experts from model network organizations and a panel of New York State education stakeholder organizations.  

Initial Workgroups

  • Professional learning
  • School readiness
  • Assessment technical validity

Future workgroups will be formed as needed, including a Student Focus Group.  

Last updated 11/2022