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P-3 Virtual Summer Institute 2021

The NYS Council on Children and Families (CCF) is partnering with the NYS Education Department's Office of Early Learning to convene the annual P-3 Summer Institute.

This event will be held virtually. Presentations will be published each Thursday from July 22 - August 12, 2021. Once published, participants may register and view them at any time.

  • Registration links will be made available on the dates that presentations are released.
  • Once you register that you have access to the content on the day its released and thereafter.
  • All presentations may be viewed free of charge.
  • CTLE credit for these presentations is not available through the State Education Department. Your organization may be able to issue CTLE or other professional development credit.
  • More details and registration links will be announced in the near future.


Event Flyer


Click Here to View Presentations by Dr. Li

Keynote Presentation

Dr. Junlei Li and Dr. Dana Winters - "Finding More Than One Way"

This presentation is open to all teachers, administrators, and parents/caregivers.

Junlei Li, Ph.D. is Co-Chair of the Human Development and Education Program and the Saul Zaentz Senior Lecturer in Early Childhood Education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

His research and practice focus on understanding and supporting the work of helpers – those who serve children and families on the frontlines of education and social services. Working in orphanages, schools, youth programs from North America to China, he develops the “Simple Interactions” approach to help identify what ordinary people do extraordinarily well with children in everyday moments.

Dr. Dana Winters is a  Rita M. McGinley Professor and Executive Director of the Fred Rogers Center for Early Learning and Children’s Media, Saint Vincent College.

When the conditions around us limit what we can do to connect with children and families, how do we find resilient and creative ways to be helpful? As educators, how do we remain connected to children and families, and to each other, during physical distancing? 


Dr. Junlei Li - "The Power of Simple and Ordinary Interactions"

Follow-Up Workshop with the Following Guest Presenters:

  • Dr. Beverly Falk, Professor/Director of Graduate Programs in Early Childhood Education, The City College of New York 
  • Dr. Lisa Kuh, Director of Early Education, Somerville Public Schools, MA.

Simple, everyday interactions are the building blocks of healthy human relationships. This is a practice-focused workshop to notice and understand human interactions between children and educators in the classroom setting. In this workshop, the presenters will be using the “Simple Interactions” approach to closely examine adult-child interactions in everyday contexts. With actual classroom practices and interactions, participants will begin to appreciate and understand the developmental opportunities within even the simplest human interactions. The presenters will discuss how these interactions weave together four basic building blocks of the human relationship – connection, reciprocity, inclusion, and opportunity to grow – to make positive developmental impacts. 


Click Here to View Dr. Alston's Presentation

Dr. Anael Alston, Assistant Commissioner - "A New Way of Envisioning P-3 Education? An Educator's Awakening and Insights"

This presentation is intended for all pre-service and in-service prekindergarten - 3rd-grade teachers, instructional coaches, administrators, and parents/caregivers.

Dr. Anael Alston is Assistant Commissioner for the Office of Access, Equity and Community Engagement in the New York State Education Department. Dr. Alston will share his journey and the science behind his shift in understanding of the critical role P-3 educators play in shaping young minds.

Click Here to View September Gerety's Presentation

September Gerety - "Predictable Transitions in Unpredictable Times"

This presentation is intended for all pre-service and in-service prekindergarten - 3rd-grade teachers, instructional coaches, administrators, and parents/caregivers.

September Gerety is the founder and CEO of Gerety Education Team. It has been her mission is to make life better for children by using research-based coaching practices to change adult behavior. The Gerety Education Team equips instructional coaches, teachers, and administrators to do their jobs with confidence and competence.

Transitions are hard. Whether big or small, they often lead to increased challenging behavior and decreased learning.

In this one-hour pre-recorded session, the presenter will use the MTSS as a framework for planning all kinds of transitions.

September will lead us in looking at big-picture transitions, such as the transition back to school buildings from virtual learning, or the transition from preschool to kindergarten.  Participants will consider the daily transitions – from home to school and between activities – that can make or break the experience children and teachers have in their classrooms.

The presentation will focus on ideas and strategies that can work to plan for any transition, regardless of the specific circumstances.



Click Here to View Catherine Coons' Presentation

Catherine Coons - "An Introduction to the Resource Guides for School Success: The Third Grade Early Learning Standards"

This presentation is intended for New York State 3rd-grade teachers and administrators, but all pre-service and in-service prekindergarten-3rd grade teachers and administrators are welcome.

Catherine Coons will provide participants with a guided tour of the grade 3 New York State (NYS) Learning Standards for English Language Arts and share some newly developed resources across all content areas. This presentation is intended for grade 3 teachers, parents/caregivers, and administrators. Participants will gain an understanding of how to read and use the Third Grade Resource Guide as it relates to the fully articulated NYS Learning Standards. Catherine Coons is currently an English Language Arts Assistant in the Office of Curriculum and Instruction in the New York State Education Department.



Sarah Hughes and Kyle Snow - 

"Introduction to the NYSED P-3 Instructional Guidance Toolkit"

This presentation is intended for all New York State pre-service and in-service prekindergarten - 3rd-grade teachers.


Click Here to View Sarah Hughes' and Kyle Snow's Presentation

During this session, participants will be introduced to a new resource from the New York State Education Department called, P-3 Instructional Guidance Toolkit (Toolkit). Participants will understand the research-base and purpose of the Toolkit, be introduced to the key features of the Toolkit, learn about eight effective instructional strategies and four instructional mindsets, and learn how to use the Toolkit to promote reflection and discussion to support P-3 instruction. Sarah Hughes is a Senior Research Associate at RMC Research Corporation, and Kyle Snow, Ph.D., currently provides technical assistance to states in early learning topics and provides organization management and leadership in support of U.S. Department of Education Regional Comprehensive Centers. 





Omar Etman and Dru Collins-Minch - "Early Childhood Professional Learning Toolkit"

This presentation is intended for early childhood teachers and administrators. All pre-service and in-service teachers and administrators are welcome to attend as the content is suitable for all levels.


Click Here to View Omar Etman's and Dru Collins-Minch's Presentation

Join presenters from the New York City Department of Education’s Division of Early Childhood Education and Office of Equity and Access as they share a toolkit for professional learning focused on early childhood equity and identity. The toolkit contains a full day of professional learning activities along with facilitator tips and resources to support early childhood educators and leaders in discussing race, identity, and equity to improve their practice. This workshop will walk participants through the toolkit and provide background information about its development.

Omar Etman is the Coordinator of Multilingual Learning at the Division of Early Childhood Education within the NYC Department of Education, and Dru Collins-Minch is a Director for Educational Equity in the Office of Equity and Access for the NYCDOE.




This project is supported by the Preschool Development Grant Birth through Five Initiative (PDGB5), Grant Number 90TP005902, from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families, Office of Child Care.

Its contents are solely the responsibility of the authors and do not necessarily represent the official view of the United States Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families.