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Behavioral Interventions and Supports & Discipline Procedures for Students with Disabilities

Behavioral Supports and Interventions

Promoting healthy and safe learning environments where students can receive the instruction and other supports they need to learn and achieve at high levels is one of the primary responsibilities of each school and is a priority of the New York State Education Department.  This page contains resources to support the use of positive behavioral supports and interventions and ensure students have access to safe and supportive environments conducive to learning.  Please check it periodically for updates.

Additional Guidance Related to Behavioral Supports and Interventions in Schools

Effective August 2, 2023 – section 19.5 of the Rules of the Board of Regents, and Commissioner’s Regulations Sections 100.2, 200.1, 200.7, 200.15, and 200.15 were revised to ensure student health and safety by prohibiting the use of corporal punishment, aversive interventions, prone restraint, and seclusion for all students; permit the limited use of timeout and restraint, and require schools to use behavioral supports and interventions (such as multi-tiered systems of supports and positive behavioral interventions and supports) and other research-based educational practices that are designed to meet students' social, emotional, and mental health needs, and improve school climate and safety. The revised regulations ensure behavior supports and interventions are used safely and with the highest standards of oversight, monitoring, and data collection. The Behavioral Supports and Interventions in Schools Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) are provided as guidance to these updated regulations and will continue to be updated. For more information and resources, please see the New York State Education Department's Office of Student Support Services Behavioral Supports and Interventions in Schools website.

Chapter 516 of the Laws of 2022 Relating to Same-Day Notification to a Parent or Person in Parental Relation of a Student with a Disability Where Certain Behavioral Interventions are Used

Discipline Procedures for Students with Disabilities

This list contains resources to support the implementation of the Individuals with Disabilities Act and Part 201 of the Regulations of the Commissioner of Education’s discipline provisions for students with disabilities.