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NYS Ed Tech Innovators

NYS Ed Tech Innovators - October 2018

Classes are back in session, giving both students and educators the opportunity to learn and delve into new experiences. For this October edition of NYS Ed Tech Innovators, we are featuring two articles written by Karlie Flood, Intern with NYSED’s Office of Educational Design and Technology. Karlie has interviewed two of the presenters from NYSED's Personalizing Learning Conference, held earlier this year.

Karlie and Mary Howard, a 6th grade teacher from Grand Island, New York, discussed Student Engagement and how instruction can be driven by technology and student choice and control. The article describes various activities, such as escape rooms and 3D modeling, and how student engagement in those activities allow for inquiry, thinking, and cooperative learning. 

Karlie also talked with Lee Araoz, the District Coordinator of Instructional Technology for Lawrence Public Schools in Nassau County, about Implementing Genius Hour and Focusing on Student-Driven Learning. The transition from a teacher-centered classroom to a learner-driven classroom could change the path for students; diverting them away from passively consuming technology to, instead, passionately and imaginatively creating technology.

Also in this edition, learn how the Lower Hudson Regional Information Center has taken steps to Change the Core Discipline Landscape through creation of an Academy which addresses systemic inequities in the core disciplines of computer science and engineering. The pillars upon which the Academy was designed include computer science and engineering K-12 pedagogy, professional development, and leadership development.