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NYS Ed Tech Innovators

NYS Ed Tech Innovators - November 2017

Welcome to the first edition of NYS Ed Tech Innovators! Educators, administrators, and leaders across New York State are sharing the inspirational projects and practices they have implemented related to innovative educational technology in their schools and districts. This newsletter was created to allow all New York State educators to benefit from each other’s knowledge and experience. We want to hear about the successes, the challenges, and the best practices in your journey to become 21st century NYS Ed Tech Innovators! 

In our premiere edition, you will read about the technology program implementations of Lancaster CSD and Town of Webb UFSD, the online professional development conducted in West Genesee CSD, and the role that the Mount Markham CSD Instructional Technology Specialist has played in inspiring and engaging teachers and students. It is our hope that the practices described in NYS Ed Tech Innovators will inspire you to provide user-friendly and seamless technology-enhanced learning environments to serve the 21st century needs of our students.