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NYS Ed Tech Innovators

NYS Ed Tech Innovators - December 2018

As the end of 2018 approaches, we hope you were inspired by the innovative uses of technology implemented throughout New York State. In this seventh edition of NYS Ed Tech Innovators, please enjoy the following articles:

  • Imagine a class where students earn points instead of grades, where every student is working on their own project, and where trips to Hogwarts, Middle Earth, and Narnia inspire students not just to complete assignments, but to eagerly engage in extra credit. This is the reality for an 8th grade English class in the Niskayuna Central School District.
  • In the Salmon River Central School District, incorporating filmmaking and Native culture into education has resulted in the production of over fourteen years of impactful content, both inspiring and impressing audiences while also bringing social issues to the public eye. Students take on various aspects of film production, work as a team, and have fun doing so!
  • At an elementary school in Lansingburgh Central School District, a listening library exhibits the benefits of the 21st century, integrating modern technology and resources into curricular instruction. Professional development sessions have not stopped, with teachers discussing how to continue evolving their listening library, while encouraging others to start their own.

Have a happy new year; more engaging ideas to come in 2019!