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Bilingual Education & English as a New Language

ELL and ML Educator Certification

The Department is committed to the recruitment and certification of highly-qualified teachers with the appropriate credentials to teach Bilingual Education and ENL classes. To address the critical issue of the shortage of qualified staff, NYSED has developed a number of programs to recruit, evaluate, and develop Bilingual and ENL teachers throughout the state, including the Clinically Rich Intensive Teacher Institute which provides tuition assistance for Bilingual and ENL courses that lead to a teaching license. The Department has also made available Supplemental Certification Pathways for New York State Certified English to Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) Teachers to obtain Content Area certification and for Content Area teachers to obtain TESOL certification. NYSED continues to explore different avenues and incentives to encourage teachers to enroll in courses and to obtain a bilingual extension and/or TESOL certification.

If you are interested in becoming an ELL Educator in New York State, full information on the certification application process, certification requirements, and all related questions can be found by visiting NYSED's Office of Teaching Initiatives Certification Unit.

Links to the New York State Education Department's Office of Teaching

Certification from Start to Finish

Employment Resources

Information on Supplemental Certification and New Pathways

Supplementary Certificate Pathways

Fact Sheet: Pathway for ESOL Teachers to Obtain Content Area Supplementary Certification

Fact Sheet: Pathway for Content Area Teachers to Obtain Supplementary Certification in English to Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)

Memo on New Pathways to Certification for Out-of-State Teachers and Leaders

Office of Bilingual Education & World Languages Clinically Rich Intensive Teacher Institute (CR-ITI)

The Clinically Rich--Intensive Teacher Institute (CR-ITI) in Bilingual Education and ESOL offers Institutes of Higher Education (IHE) ability to offer a clinically-rich program which will certify teachers in ESOL and/or Bilingual Education. The grant operates for three years (2014-2017) and awards the IHE funding to offset a portion of the tuition for the clinically-rich coursework which will lead to certification once all requirements are fulfilled.



Updated 3/5/24