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Distinguished Educators Program District Materials

In accordance with Education Law §§211-b and 211-c and Commissioner’s Regulations §§100.16 and 100.17, a highly qualified individuals may be appointed as Distinguished Educator (DE) by the Commissioner to assist low performing districts and schools that have failed to make academic yearly progress for four or more years. Within 45 days of appointment to the school district, a DE and the district shall work collaboratively to develop an action plan outlining the goals and objectives for the district and the DE for the ensuing school year. The plan shall include, but not be limited to, an outline of the goals and objectives the district is responsible for achieving and the technical assistance the DE will provide in order to support the district in achieving its goals and objectives. The DE shall submit such action plan to the Commissioner or her designee for approval. Upon approval, the DE shall provide a copy of the action plan to the school district. The DE shall also submit quarterly reports to the Commissioner or her designee in a form prescribed by the Commissioner.

Upon receipt of any recommendations from the DE for modification of a district improvement plan and/or any corrective action, restructuring, or comprehensive plan, the Board of Education, trustees, or chancellor shall either modify the plans accordingly or provide a written explanation to the Commissioner of its reasons for not adopting such recommendations. The Commissioner shall direct the district to modify the plans as recommended by the DE unless the Commissioner finds that the written explanation provided by the district has compelling merit.

This section includes more information on the appointed DE for each district, DE press releases, DE letters, action plans and quarterly reports, as well as links to district websites.