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Resources for Staff Evaluation Data Collection and Submission

Staff Evaluation Data Reporting under Education Law §3012-d, as Amended in 2019

This slide deck outlines Staff Evaluation data reporting requirements and information. 

Staff Evaluation Data Template Examples

These examples illustrate the submission of Staff Evaluation data under Education Law §3012-d, as amended in 2019.

APPR Closeout Reminders

This document provides information and timelines related to Implementation certification and data collection and reporting.

APPR Data Submission Reminders and FAQ

This document provides continuing information regarding APPR data collection and reporting. A Frequently Asked Questions document has been created surrounding common questions about the 2020-21 Staff Evaluation Status form and the data submission process and has been included for your reference. For those that will be submitting staff evaluation data for the 2020-21 school year, the submission period ends on October 22, 2021.

“Tips for Submission”: Continuing Guidance on the Submission of Staff Evaluation Data

This slide deck is designed to provide helpful feedback to the field based on common questions we receive as LEAs submit their APPR data. Several sample scenarios with illustrative data have been utilized to show appropriate steps in data submission.